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  2. As a veteran of ten years service, trained in military intelligence. I have worked in personal asset management, got limited exposure to international finance as a stripmining venture entrepreneur, and have 13 years expertise in the energy industry. I have seen both the Tromso HAARP location and I have been underground. I also understand the nature of the problem for the energy industry for customers, from the inside. The public need to know, the planet has been weaponized. Conventional AND all NBCW have already been far surpassed in destructive force. It’s just about all over except the screaming for those who refuse to prepare, for we are about to enter the time of Jacob’s trouble.

    The pole shift is but one of several cyclical celestial events coming, which includes the effects of Nemisis. On it’s last passover God told Moses to get the Hebrews out & they knew just where to be to avoid the death from above. That same direction is still available for those who desire eternity with God, cause that’s the only way you’ll be able to get out of harms way aside from escaping north, which alone won’t solve all your problems. The shift is described as a movement of 1,200 miles (with a tilt), placing Canada where the US is and the US into central American territory. This would take about two months or so. Movement of magnetic north is currently about 46.7 miles per year.
    Thjis is very survivable if one prepares.
    The shrinking atmosphere has growing ozone holes. The exposure to space normal radiatioon will include CME and flares that even with brief exposure will kill you. Protection to stop xrays requires 10 feet of dirt, or 1.5 foot thick concrete. People will need a new calendar to know when to work for planting their heirloom seeds to survive, preferrably in s geodesic biodome using items like black magnitite black sand to expedite growth and keep out of weather extremes as well as the contents of the geoengineering, destroying the feeder root systems globally.

    Nemisis is now on trajectory south of the eclyptic and within our solar system. You know your close when the data stops becoming available & all the bases are long prepared for energy needs etc… Considering Nemisis is accompanied with it’s own debris field like a mini solar system, the time of passover cannot be calculated, even using the cray five array, due to the effects of the sun on it, as it will gain speed as it rounds the sun and continues along it’s hyperelyptical orbit. The quantum array using galium arsenide hardened chips is 100,000 times faster than the cray four supercomputer. This by the way is designed to be the hub of the global control grid, since the mark of the beast system originates in the DUMB of the Colorado mountain.

    Naturally the arctic ice is melting due to the increased volcanic activity, while we now arrive at the last maunder minimum aspect of the is next coming ice age. Space weather is best explained by Prof. James McCanney, preferrably supported by peole like Dutch Sinse, for the programmed use of geoenergetics. This along with hydrofracking and bad locations for nuclear plants, are hos the nation will be split into two, shortly after the implementation by Obama, of the treaty he wants to ratify for the two state solution of Israel. This however, is the worst thing we can allow. This will bring about the splitting of the USA down the new Madrid fault, now that the loop current has been destroyed in the gulf by BP deliberately using falty preventers. There’s sooo much more to this but researchers can look up all the work I’m doing to arrange information into an obscure blog, called….. http://www.authorthat.wordpress.com The Blogathon Philabuster, because the witness to evil must not remain silent.

    IN service for others,
    david m

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