3 comments on “Gas leak causes blast in central Massachusetts city

  1. The mayor (Sarno) was boasting on the news, WWLP, that he’d clean up the city (Strip Clubs etc…) in response to the 60+ person brawl. His speech was just a few days ago before this explosion. Funny how out of the tens of thousands of homes and businesses, the city of Springfield just after its new war against these unauthorized establishments has now blown up a strip club, night club. Watch the Aarson Russo interview to see what the authorized mafia (government) really does. This is government sponsored terror.

  2. “Fight fire with fire”

    Sarno also put a curfew in order to put a handle on late night violence. Sarno, the mayor, said in the following article on MassLive that you have to “fight fire with fire”. KABOOM.

    The curfew stops music, dancing, and other forms of entertainment after 1am. If an establishment wants to continue until 2am, then it needs a special permit from the mayor.

    Click on my username to view the original article.

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