6 comments on “Review of Leatherman Wave Multi-tool

  1. I have also owned a Wave for years. It is my favorite multi-tool and has been through a lot without any issues…highly recommend it…great post.

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  3. Honestly I just got a leatherman freestyle and I love it more than my wave! It’s not perfect for everyone but it is perfect for me! i use it all the time now.

  4. You used the Leatherman multi tools for a year? So, right now you use already six years? That’s right if multi tools have superiority. It can be bring everywhere, especially in this equipment there are many tool that we need. And the material made of stainless steel. If you want to buy Leatherman multi tools you can visit http://www.meesterslipjpers.nl . On that website you can looking for many type of multi tools. And for more information you can click the address. Thank you.

  5. I used leatherman multitool for 4 years and have leatherman wave black from meesterslijpers.nl. I prefer this one since it perfectly to my traveling experience particularly in emergency situation. The knife and file on the outside of the handle, so easily grab and use without opening the pliers. It equipped with a safety lock to prevent knife and saw inadvertently folded and has a small feature helps not to hurt my hand.

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